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There are a two options to team up with Pizza Hut to help your organization raise money.  See your local store manager to get additional information.

Option #1:  Fundraiser Cards

  • These handy cards are the size of a credit card so are very convenient to use and sell.
  • On the back side there are 12 offers on stickers for free items at Pizza Hut
    • ​Examples: Free Medium 1-Topping Pizza with purchase of Large Specialty Pizza or Free Single Order of Breadsticks or 2-Liter with the purchase of a Large Pizza
  • Sell each card for $10
  • After selling period is done, return the unsold cards to Pizza Hut and pay $1 per card that was sold.
  • Your organization or group makes $9 on each card sold!

Option #2:  Fundraiser Night

  • Work with the Pizza Hut Manager to decide on a night and time during the week to have your Fundraiser Night.
  • ​​During the selected time and night, a certain percentage (determined by Manager) of Pizza Hut’s total sales will be donated to your group or organization
  • Make sure to let everyone know in your group or organization about the night so they can come eat and tell their friends and family
  • ​If your group or organization has any kind of newsletter or other contact with their members it is encouraged to place an ad or article about the Fundraiser Night to publicize it more.
  • ​Pizza Hut will come up with a flyer with information about the night for you to print off and hand out to everyone ​